Furaha Afrika Holdings was established in 2013 and is a progressive, Pan-African organisation dedicated to enable and leverage growth across the African continent. Our subsidiary companies, Furaha Solutions, Furaha ESD Advisory and Furaha Digital, are strategically positioned to drive and contribute toward this growth. Furaha forms strategic partnerships with like-minded dynamic organisations that seek to move Africa forward, we unearth opportunities for meaningful investments – both in the continent’s digital domain and in its human capital development. Meaning “Happy” in Swahili, Furaha Afrika Holdings is founded on the vision of a progressive and prosperous Africa where the richness of our continent is celebrated and amplified. Propelled by our values of doing things differently, working towards inclusivity and valuing collaboration, our various subsidiary companies play to their unique strengths, while nurturing Africa and its potential.

Furaha Solutions

Furaha Solutions is dedicated to delivering holistic learning and development solutions. As a 100% Black woman owned and level 1 BBBEE company, we are uniquely positioned to offer you our range of relevant services in a manner that will maximise both the financial and non-financial benefits of your organisation.  We also offer learning experience platform solutions which include customised programmes for clients. We pride ourselves in empowering the workforce to develop, build skills, advance careers and pursue dreams through one powerful engagement solution. Our Learning Management System is beneficial for educational institutions and corporations alike.

Furaha ESD Advisory

An entity that leverages technology, we utilise digital platforms to help small businesses reach scale and efficiency. Through the process of Furaha’s Digital SME Development programme, we apply digital tools (apps, websites, digital process optimisation), support, technical training and education and business acumen that ultimately empowers the business and entrepreneur to stand on its own merits and strengths and determine its own destiny in this evolving digital economy.

Furaha Digital

With the rise of technology as an enabler of scale and efficiency, Furaha Digital is an entity that collaborates and co-invests in Africa’s digital opportunities in learning and development and financial technology. Africa’s increasing levels of internet and mobile usage presents platforms that facilitate integrated learning and inclusive financial services.