World Economic Forum founder Prof Klaus Schwab is justifiably proud of bringing together of the world’s political, business and civic society leaders in Davos. But his greatest achievement, he reckons, was launching the Global Shapers programme where young activists gather to do good through hubs in almost 500 cities worldwide. Every year a few of these Shapers – mostly 20-somethings – are invited to rub shoulders with the global power mongers gathered in Davos. A handful of them are invited to participate in the big name sessions. This year, their rarefied number included South African Matsi Modise, the 31 year old entrepreneur who started the Soweto hub. On Thursday, Matsi looked comfortable sharing the Davos stage with the chairman of Coca Cola; the founder of Airbnb; and superstar musician Today she shared her inspirational story and dreams for a future South Africa with’s Alec Hogg.

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